Work Experience

Research Associate

Dynamic Equilibrium System Ltd | 2017 – Present | Athens, Greece

In Dynamic Equilibrium System we integrate knowledge to create more accurate tools for human behavior, thus result to an Individual or Organizational System Pattern Re-engineering.

The analysis and re-engineering of a system’s psychology and attributes, namely individual or group needs, rewards, expectations and interactions among system members, can contribute to the creation of a more functional, more effective as well as more efficient system.

Our approach is initiated by Patterns Mapping and Patterns Re-engineering blended with Metaphors, Provocative Approach, Clean Language, Truthfulness & Credibility techniques, Systemic Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, giving room for a new era of Mind, Behavioral, Individual and System’s Mechanics to grow.

Research Assistant

Bangor University’s Language and Literacy Lab | 2018-2019 | Wales, UK
Project: How do language and spelling based difficulties manifest in the handwriting of children with dyslexia?
Project coordinator: Dr. Marketa Caravolas

  • Administered the MABEL battery in Year 2 -5 students
  • Coded data by using Excel and Eye & Pen software’s
  • Aggregated data in EXCEL
  • Analysed data by using software’s, such as Ponto & SPSS

Research Assistant

Bangor University’s Language and Literacy Lab | 2018-2019 | Wales, UK
Project: Website development for the Multilanguage Assessment Battery of Early Literacy,
Project coordinator: Dr. Marketa Caravolas

  • Designed and coded a custom template in WordPress
  • Designed graphics by using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Simplified complex processes (e.g., registration)
  • Assisted on Legal matters (e.g., privacy and data protection regulation)


Bangor University – School of Psychology | 2018-2019 | Wales, UK
Project: Developing social media strategies for recruitment and research.
Project coordinators: Dr. Frances- Garrad Cole, Dr. Marketa Caravolas

  • Designed and applied a strategy to promote the MABEL battery via Twitter
  • Initiated discussions via twitter and informed academics, researchers, and therapists about MABEL
  • Proposed an integrated promotion strategy to the university’s marketing committee (via YouTube) that aims to increase student recruitment

Open Day Ambassador

Bangor University – School of Psychology | 2018-2019 | Wales, UK

  • Assisted with the organisation of the Open Day events
  • Promoted Bangor University to visitors and prospective students
  • Provided tours of the university area and departments

Business Strategy Manager

King Tan Solarium | 2014-2017 | Athens, Greece

  • Provided ongoing business metrics and analysed historic business metrics for trends
  • Calculated detailed cost breakdowns and recommend areas for product cost containment/reduction
  • Coordinated and reconciled routine aspects of overall financial forecasts with business plans
  • Performed business and market analyses to identify and evaluate potential new business development opportunities
  • Aligned analyses with operating companies’ strategies and goals

Co-founder, General Restaurant Manager

Rakes + | 2011-2014 | Athens, Greece

  • Created a comprehensive business plan that considers the market, competitors, sales revenue and expenses
  • Prepared an accurate portrayal of the finances of the restaurant, including bank accounts, spending, and food costs
  • Developed strategies to entice customers, including marketing plans and advertising campaigns
  • Analysed the restaurant budget with personnel to find and price inventory, reduce expenses, review current pricing and adjust purchasing strategies if needed
  • Controlled operations by developing effective policies, creating high standards and working to make adjustments when appropriate


K. RAIKOS S.A. | 2009-2011 | Athens, Greece

  • Prepared accounts and tax returns
  • Administered payrolls and controlled income and expenditure
  • Audited financial information.
  • Compiled and presented reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries and financial statements
  • Analysed accounts and business plans

Teaching/Tutoring Experience

Learning Adviser

Bangor University | 2018 – 2020 | Wales, United Kingdom

  • Delivered weekly teaching sessions to a small group of 1st year undergraduate students on topics such as essay structuring, paraphrasing

Private Tutor

Self-employed | 2010-2014 | Athens, Greece

  • Provide one-on-one educational assistance to secondary school students according to the guidelines and regulations of the Ministry of Education
  • Prepared final year students to pass the national exams and enter the university of choice
  • Subject taught included: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ancient Greek, History

Volunteer Experience

iCAN Volunteer

Ysbyty Gwynedd | 2019 – Present | Wales

  • Offered a listening ear to clients who do not experience physical injury or medical reason for seeking help


The Mullany Fund | 2019 – Present | Wales

The Mullany Fund are a social mobility organisation that run an e-Mentoring programme for young people to provide them with support on their studies, future career paths and, where appropriate, accessing higher education. 

As an e-mentor, I supported young people to build on their aspirations and gain knowledge and skills to help them move forward towards a career of their choice. In addition, I helped people to gain more generic skills like confidence, which will help them to start out on their career pathway.

Volunteer Research Assistant

Bangor University | 2018 – Present | Wales

  • Worked on dyslexia and neuropsychology related projects

Mental Health Volunteer

Tŷ Llywelyn Medium Secure Unit | 2019 – Present | Wales, UK

  • Delivered activities to the service users (e.g., games)

Make a Wish Volunteer

Make a Wish | 2011 – 2014 | Greece

The Make-A-Wish Greece is an international nonprofit organisation founded in the United States that creates life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness who have reached the age of 2½ and are younger than 18 at the time of referral. 

As a Make-a-Wish Greece volunteer my team and I:

  • Visited the Wish Child and helped him/her determine their one true wish
  • Completed wish paperwork and obtained necessary documentation
  • Served as the liaison between the family and the foundation – kept the family updated on the status of the wish, answered questions, and developed a positive rapport with the child and family

Forest Firefighter

Hellenic Fire Service | 2008 – 2016 | Greece

  • Coordinated a small team of volunteers in 400+ fires and rescues


Academic Awards

Bangor University | 2018-2019 | Wales, UK

  • ”Professor Tim Miles” is an award for my outstanding academic performance
  • ”School of Psychology Honour Roll” is an award for my academic excellence throughout the second year of my studies

Employability Award

Bangor University | 2017-2018 | Wales, UK

  • Completed successfully a great number of employability and skills development seminars

Military Awards

Greek Military | 2014-2015 | Lesvos, Greece

  • Award for graduating 1st on the Military School
  • Military Decoration for the service on the battalion
  • Honorary promotion to Corporal rank
  • Award for Ethos and Excellence

Fire Service Awards

Hellenic Fire Service | Athens, Greece

  • Volunteer of the year 2009-2011

Sailing National Championships

Various locations | Greece